23 minutes | Feb 25th 2020

Organizing Your Estate & Riesling-Campari Cocktails

If something were to happen to you today, does your partner know your wishes? Do they know where important papers are? Do you have a plan for your kids and your money? Aye-yi-yi...yes, mamas! We are going deep this week to chat organizing all those areas that make us feel a little uncomfortable. I'm chatting with author Nine Nights: Your New Little Black Book for Personal Financial Empowerment and professional organizer Laurie Teal. Laurie has a mission to make sure couples and women are organized and prepared with the paperwork they need in case of financial emergency, medical emergency, or, to put it simply, death. She wants you to be able to care for or grieve your loved ones instead of trying to track down medical histories or trust documents. And her book will help you arrange it all step-by-step. With all this talk of death and paperwork, you'll definitely need a cocktail...which is why we are having a tasty pitcher cocktail featuring Laurie's favorite wine, the Riesling-Campari cocktail from Food and Wine.

For links to Laurie, a copy of Laurie's book, today's cocktail recipe or to explore past episodes, visit our show notes at podcast.cocktailsandcontainers.com. Search for the Episode "Organizing Your Estate."

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