33 minutes | Oct 7th 2019

Organizing for a Chronic Illness & Ginger Turmeric Mocktails

Receiving a chronic illness diagnosis can be overwhelming and stressful for families. Today I am talking with organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal about her organizing strategies for living with a chronic disease. A busy mom of twins and entrepreneur, Rachel was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease a few years back. Among other symptoms, Hashimoto's can cause brain fog and fatigue which means Rachel had to have her organizing skills on point to keep up with her research, medications, doctor's appointments and life in general. We discuss her strategies and make a delicious "mocktail" with ginger and turmeric, perfect to give you a warm feeling on a cool Autumn night.

For more information on today's episode, visit the show notes at podcast.simplesolutionsorganizing.com.

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