41 minutes | Jan 27th 2020

Getting Organized to Eat Healthy & Raspberry Lemonade Slushies

Did you resolve to eat healthier this year? Well, you'll be excited that our favorite dietician, Sally Kuzemchak from Real Mom Nutrition is back to talk about getting organized for successful healthy eating in 2020. Sally shares her tips for planning and making changes to your family's eating habits, how to reframe your goals for a more successful transition, and her super, simple meal planning strategy to make eating healthy easy.  We also have this season's mocktail recipe...the healthy and vitamin-C packed Raspberry Lemonade Slushie from BBC Good Food.

To connect with Sally, check out any of her resources, grab today's mocktail recipes, or check out past episodes, visit my show notes at podcast.cocktailsandcontainer.com. Just search for the episode "Getting Organized to Eat Healthy".

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