3 minutes | Nov 16, 2015

Sounds of the Iron Men

As part of our Another Place documentary, we followed a project at Forefield Junior School in Crosby, where pupils were creating a musical composition inspired by the sounds of the Iron Men. They discussed their experiences of the installation in class, before going to Crosby Beach to draw — and pretend to be — Iron Men. They then created their own four-note motifs based on what they, and the statues themselves, could see and hear. These were edited together by teacher, Steve Marriott, culminating in this original track. As the Iron Men arrived on Crosby Beach before the pupils were even born, they can offer a unique perspective on the artwork and how we can interact with it. Without doubt, it is a key part of their formative years, and a major prompt to the development of their imagination. Part of the Coastlands project: six documentaries about the Sefton coast. Supported by Arts Council England and The Hemby Trust.
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