44 minutes | Oct 10, 2021

Episode 8: Setup Tropes

Setup Tropes: I this show we cover tropes that have to do with where a love story starts. How they meet or come together.Circle Of Friends: This trope features three or more protagonists all searching for love.Coming Of Age: The first discovery of love as teenager can be a powerful theme to explore in a romance novel or story. Coming Out: A gay hero, heroine, or transgender lead character decides to come out about their true sexuality or identity – their coming out is a catalyst for a new love interest.Country Inn: A career-driven city girl inherits or buys a charming little inn, bed-and-breakfast, or guest house in the calm, bucolic splendour of the countryside. Cursed: In a fantasy or folklore-inspired romance, the heroine may have fallen under a curse, spell, or wicked charm that only the hero can break or reverse. Ghost: The heroine falls in love with a ghost, or both romantic protagonists are paranormal entities. A Divorce Never Went Through: The lead characters discover that their marriage was never annulled, or a divorce decree was never issued because of a bureaucratic mistake or some other misunderstanding.Grieving Lover: The heroine falls in love with a man who has lost a spouse or lover in the recent past. (a secondary trope to First Love)The Guardian Or Ward: An older male is bound by the obligation of a legal will or promise to oversee the care of a young charge. Makeover: The heroine is transformed from drab to fab to catch the hero’s attention. Alternatively, the hero has to transform his looks, body, and attitude to prove his worth to the heroine.Rags To Riches: A struggling, or down-on-her-luck heroine comes into money and/or fame through a surprising windfallRiches To Rags: A wealthy heroine or heiress loses her money and status overnight. Return From the Dead: A man she believes is dead returns to upset the heroine’s life in a major way. Secret Billionaire: The hero hides his identity and/or his wealth from the heroine, usually to test if she loves him for his true nature or his enormous wealth. Small Town: Heart-warming stories set in small towns. Trauma: A main character who has been traumatized in the past, finds healing through a romantic relationship. Unexpected Inheritance: The heroine comes into a windfall from a distant relative. Unexpected Parenthood: After a sibling dies or becomes ill, the heroine is now the sole guardian of one or more children.Unexpected Pregnancy: After learning of an unplanned pregnancy, the heroine must deal with the unexpected news and decide if she will tell the hero or not. Contact Information:Ann JensenAnnJensenWrites@gmail.comhttps://annjensenwrites.com/https://www.amazon.com/Ann-Jensen/e/B08VRMR5SK/https://www.facebook.com/annjensenbookshttps://www.instagram.com/annjensenbooks/Skylar Westhttps://www.authorskylarwest.com/https://www.amazon.com/author/skylarwest/https://www.facebook.com/authorskylarwest/https://www.instagram.com/author_skylarwest/?hl=en
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