39 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

541: Ten Years of Leadership, with Dave Stachowiak

Dave Stachowiak: Coaching for Leaders In August of 2011, I started Coaching for Leaders as a small, side project. Ten years later, the show — and the community around it — have grown beyond my wildest expectations. In this conversation, my friend Scott Anthony Barlow of Happen to Your Career celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Coaching for Leaders by interviewing me about my journey. Key Points I originally started the podcast as a side project to support a future transition into academia. Three things that I focused on at the start that are still central today: useful conversations, audio quality, and consistency. Focusing on quality and depth of conversations is more valuable than trying to hit everything. I realized at some point that I needed to make an affirmative choice to grow the side project into a business. Although I had considered a transition away from Dale Carnegie for years, my actual departure was (ironically) a non-event. Behavior change is a painful but necessary step in the learning process. There are two ways to bring light into the world. One is to be the light — the other is to reflect it. Bonus Audio What I've Learned About Learning Resources Mentioned Happen to Your Career Related Episodes How to Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, with Mark Barden (episode 207) Tom Henschel Interviews Dave (episode 300) What High Performers Aren’t Telling You, with Scott Anthony Barlow (episode 466) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic.
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