39 minutes | Oct 11th 2020

495: How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn, with Stephen Hart

Stephen Hart: Trailblazers.FM

Stephen is the host of the podcast Trailblazers.FM, helping entrepreneurs and leaders build amazing personal brands that are impactful, relatable and profitable. He features the stories of brilliant Black men and women – to help teach actionable strategies, valuable tactics and innovative tools that they can use on the journey to becoming transformative trailblazers.

He’s also the creator of Brand You Academy* which helps busy, heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders through a proven step by step process to build an amazing personal brand that is authentic, impactful and profitable. Use coupon code CFL200 if you decide to dive in on Stephen’s course.

In this conversation, Stephen and I go beyond creating a LinkedIn profile and discuss how to be more proactive on LinkedIn. By writing articles, creating short videos, or even streaming, you can gain organic attention on LinkedIn that isn’t always as accessible on other social media platforms. We discuss some of the key strategies to start and sustain a presence on LinkedIn.

Key Points
  • Articles can be used effectively to create content if you’re not yet ready for video, but still interested in building your personal brand.
  • Consider a series of articles or other content that highlight your personal brand and speak to your leadership credibility.
  • Use short videos (3-5 minutes) to tell a story that leads to a call to action. LinkedIn videos typically get more organic views than other social platforms.
  • Live videos or steaming engage real-time conversations to have dialogue that invites relationships to go further.
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