39 minutes | Aug 16th 2020

486: Three Stories to Tell During Uncertainty, with David Hutchens

David Hutchens: The Storytelling Leader David Hutchens help leaders find and tell their stories. Stephen M.R. Covey says, “David has the ability to convey key messages in a way that is both simple and profound.” He has taught the Storytelling Leader program all over the world at some of the most influential organizations — and he’s written many books, including most recently the Circle of the 9 Muses* and The Leadership Story Deck*. He is the co-creator with Susan Gerke of the GO Team program. In this conversation, David and I explore the importance of storytelling, especially during uncertain times. David teaches us the framework of the kinds of stories leaders can tell for continuity, novelty, and transition. Leaders can use one of all of these frameworks to help connect and inspire during difficult times. Key Points The continuity story highlights identity, values, and founding principles — things that will never change. Example: What’s a time we held our values, even though it came with a cost? The novelty story shows what is new and focuses attention on innovation and possibility. Example: What’s a time you saw something valuable that we don’t have here? But imagine if we did. The transition story dives in on change and learning — and illuminates a journey of shared progress. Examples: What’s a time you saw someone make a personally courageous decision to change? We tried something, it didn’t work, and we learned something valuable. Here’s a time we solved a tough problem. Resources Mentioned GO Team program Leadership Story Deck* by David Hutchens Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators and Meaning Makers* by David Hutchens David’s email: David@DavidHutchens.com Related Episodes How Storytelling Helps You Lead, with Sandie Morgan (episode 51) The Four Critical Stories Leaders Need For Influence, with David Hutchens (episode 148) Practical Storytelling That Isn’t Awkward, with David Hutchens (episode 228) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic.