73 minutes | Sep 16, 2021

Season 2 Episode #8 Christine Porath, Georgetown Business Professor

My guest this week is Christine Porath. Christine is an author, speaker and tenured professor at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. She has written two books MASTERING CIVILITY A MANIFESTO FOR THE WORKPLACE and THE COST OF BAD BEHAVIOR - HOW INCIVILITY IS DAMAGING YOUR BUSINESS AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT ITChristine writes primarily about workplace culture, specifically Civility in the work place. You will love this conversation. We talk about lacking self-awareness, ways to deal with a boss who is not the easiest to work for (or is simply just a jerk), the 6 ways to create an environment of health in your program or organization, and much much more. You can find Christine at http://www.christineporath.com.
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