11 minutes | Jun 27, 2021

Leaders Need Conversational Navigation

This episode teaches a very simple concept called conversational navigation. It requires leaders and even non leaders to enter conversations willing to explore versus steering someone to get to a place that they may want that person to get to. Think about the most simplistic example a person with a negative attitude. Our destination is we want this person to be more upbeat and positive and we want them to get there quickly yet we have to ask ourselves some fundamental questions as a coach: why is this person possessing a negative attitude? What causes it? What are they willing to do to turn it around? This requires exploration versus trying to steer or direct someone to get to a destination... if it were that easy easy we probably wouldn't need a coaching industry.Checkout Our NEW Coaching PODs  format  for Leaders & Future Leaders. This approach is a small community-based approach guaranteed to expand any leader's coaching skills that leads to greater talent development & retention. Its unique and 100 % driven by each POD's specific feedback driven by monthly surveys and each member's specific needs!:  https://form.jotform.com/211674755582060
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