51 minutes | Oct 14, 2020

Shervin Boolorian - Coming Home to Natural Sound - Healing to reduce Stress & Anxiety

Shervin Boloorian is Founder of Sound Healing Bali and a graduate of Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound and color therapist. Shervin is also the CoFounder of Bali Sound Healers Collective, the world’s first community of sound healers and an award winning music artist

This insghtful and inspirational conversation showcases Shervin's personal journey from the challenging and overwhelming pressures of high powered life in Washington DC  that overwhelmed him and took him to discover the reconnection and peace he found in Bali when he left it all behind.

It explores many aspects of why and how people suffer from stress in many areas of their life and especially this year, Shervin has worked to help many find some inner peace and calm,  aiming to replace tension with inspiration; open their heart,  positively engage with community and coworkers and reintegrate with loved ones.

Shervin is celebrated internationally and in Bali for his group and one-on-one skills. His work is grounded in Eastern philosophies and healing approaches and we talk about how this works and sounds vibrations that are a natural source of untapped power for healing and balance.  a sound healer. Trained in several sound healing techniques including Tama-Do tuning forks on acupuncture point therapy, musical spine, color healing, and acoustic sound harmonizations with musical instruments (Sound Medicine), Shervin supports each individual’s ‘inner calling’.


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