45 minutes | May 17, 2021

Rapid Transformations for Midlife & Menopause - with Sally Garozzo

Sally is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, founder of The Menopause Mindset Podcast and founder of the online school The Sleep Super Power Academy.  Today we talk about Rapid Transformational Therapy and hypnosis. How rapid is it really and what's it all about? She works with people who want freedom from the anxieties that midlife & menopause can bring up.  Midlife is a time when we often do some major ‘life laundry’ and as a result, need a little help with our mental health in the process.   Maybe your values have changed but your habits have not? Although she helps people with many symptoms,  ultimately Sally helps people to heal the deep emotional wounds that menopause can tend to re-trigger.  fears, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, self-sabotage, lack of self confidence and procrastination.  Her work clears the underlying emotional causes so that you get to release old wounds and stored emotions.  You can feel empowered knowing that the control is in your hands.  You get to wire you brain for inner peace, health and vitality so that you can go in to your midlife being the best version of you. Links: www.sallygarozzo.com Instagram: @sallygarozzomindmentor Freebie: bit.ly/relaxationwithsally
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