38 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

Misty Sansom - Life Purpose & Spirituality - The Connection

Misty Sansom is a writer and life purpose coach who helps people to figure out exactly what they’re meant to do in life and how to make it happen. 

She lives in New Zealand and we naviagted our time zones to bring you this insightful and personal podcast. Misty offers her insights to what purpose really is and the work she does. We explore her approach on the link between spirituality and purpose. 

She also shares her own intimate and personal journey to finding her  purpose, a journey born from loss and tragedy when she lost her younger sister, suddenly.

Her philosophy is that we all have a purpose; something we are *meant* to do - but often, we struggle with how to find it, how to articulate it, and how to bring it to life. She guides people through this process through 1:1 coaching, her monthly membership and her ‘Find Your Purpose’ eBook. 

Misty’s approach to purpose, spirituality and personal growth is practical, down to earth and simple to follow.

Listen in to this wonderfully frank conversation with Misty and make the perfect start to finding your own purpose in this world.

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