53 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

Keeping your Business Success Simple - with Croz Crossley

'Ignorance and innocence are the greatest tools you can ever have''Deal in Real' 'Don't try and solve what doesn't exist'Some of the best Croz quotes and there's plenty more where they came from...Why do we make business so complicated? Keeping it simple for success is the focus of this podcast with Mindset Master, Croz Crozzley.Over 30 years, Croz has seen it all. He's lost his business overnight and found himself at a standing start. He has mastered the teachings of how to keep it simple, relax and create a clear mental image of what you REALLY want. He talks today about how the restrictions of our programming gets in the way and why a little knowledge is dangererous! Reprogramming is a huge part of self-development but if you don't do the work, nothing will change. He talks about the importance of the next step and how you don't need to know everything to do anything. Listen to some of the stories of his own programming in the past and how he has come to a place where he's happy, relaxed and successful - with plenty of time for golf!https://croz.uk.com/https://www.facebook.com/themindsettechnicianhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/croz/
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