44 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

FEAR - How to master your fear and emotions for your wellbeing - with Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey is a Personal Freedom Coach, Psychologist, Specialist in Positive Intervention Strategies, Leadership and he created the F.E.A.R methodology to enable people to really master their fears and step back into their power and control.In this podcast, we explore what fear really is and how it gets a grip and can feel like you are unable to control it and lose the joy in life.In times like now that are uncertain and unsteady in the world and in our lives, it's easy for fear and anxiety to take over.Fear is an emotion and emotions are  signals to tell you something. When you can accept them as messages and interpret them correctly, you can become empowered again.Your emotions are not YOU and it doesn't have to be this way once you know how to manage emotions and fears with certain strategies. Learning how to manage your emotions can make the biggest difference in your life.It sounds easy but you can decide how you feel.Listen in to this one for a real exploration of this subject and to learn how to prevent the overwhelm of fear and take some fabulous learnings from Chris around managing fear that can be implemented immediately. 
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