26 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

Congruence - The key to Success & Fulfilment - with Will Polston

Will Polston is a Mindset Strategist, International Speaker and founder of the Coaching & Training Company Make it Happen. An accredited Master Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, he works with ambitious professionals to help them to live purposeful, fulfilled lives.

He has been featured in COACH and, in this show, he openly shares some of his story and background, talks about the real meaning of congruence, how our values are created and how we can look at each day and what we can do to keep alignment - the ultimate result of which is fulfilment. 

Examining values on a deeper level, Will talks about inspired values and how to tell the difference between those and the ones that are projected onto you. He says he strives NOT to be motivated in the way we may think of and this show is a full deep dive into the mindset of success and true congruence. 

If you don't feel like you are living a truly congruent life and want to understand more about how you can, this is for you. 

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