32 minutes | Jul 9, 2021

Compassionate Assertiveness for Female Leaders - with Jodie Salt

In this fascinating episode with a wonderful leader, Jodie Salt, we explore the difference between women who are Assertive and women who are  Bossy in the workplace.  Why does this happen and how can women be assertive at the same time as being kind, compassionate and  feminine?How can women step into confidence and maintain their roles well without suffering stress and especially during more difficult times and peri-menopause. What happens when women have a lack of female role models in their industry?Fight or flight mode can be triggered in women. When they feel backed into a corner, challenged or have lots of inner talk then the Alpha female emerges - but this is often a struggle and doesn't feel good.Building the considersation and courage to communication can really help to soothe this element and help women to be really confident in themsleves.  Also the question of identity and some women can feel like they are lost themselves along the way...How can women be vulnerable and open-minded and hold their viewpoint without feeling the 'battle'? Jodie is a qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor. With 20+ years corporate experience she now runs her own coaching practice specialising in helping women to reconnect with their true identity, step into their own space, own their life, say 'No' to things that don't serve them, know what they want and go out and make it happen by becoming more assertive, through her signature programme, Woman Up.Jodie is also co-founder of Ladies Life Lounge - an online members club for women who want more. Ladies Life Lounge is all about turning the notion of “pretty” on its head, so women can be known for the value and contribution they make, not just what they look like. Designed to bring like-minded women together to make changes to the way they live and the things they do in order to make for a more happy and fulfilling life that actually gets lived to the full!https://www.ladieslifelounge.com/author/jodes/https://www.facebook.com/ladieslifeloungehttps://www.instagram.com/ladieslifelounge/
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