132 minutes | Apr 3, 2019

#59: PlayStation 2

What can you say about the best-selling home video game console of all-time? PlayStation 2 -- launched in 2000 -- completely morphed the way we looked at gaming machines. The fact that PSone could even play audio CDs was a revolution; now we were looking at a machine that could play game discs and DVDs alike, opening up even more entertainment possibilities. More than 150 million units sold later, PlayStation 2 is a staggering 50 million units ahead of the second place console on the vaunted Best-Selling Home Consoles of All-Time list. Let that sink in. Think about how incredible that is. And then listen to our 2+ hour reminiscence of Sony's beloved second foray into gaming, the wonderful experiences that it brought with it, and the memories it left with us all.

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