16 minutes | Feb 28, 2021

How to use Cloud Computing for Innovation

SHOW: Season 2, Show 1OVERVIEW: From the creators of the Internet's #1 Cloud Computing podcast, The Cloudcast, Aaron Delp (@aarondelp) and Brian Gracely (@bgracely) introduce this new podcast,  Cloudcast Basics.FRAMEWORK FOR CONSIDERATIONAccess to technology (immediacy)Access to technology you might not have had previously (opportunity)Ability to experiment (on-demand, lack of CAPEX)Location independenceREAL-WORLD CONSIDERATIONS:In 2000, when a startup went to get VC funding, nearly their entire first round (let’s say $50M) went to buying IT equipment. The cost and timing of innovation is too steep and too slow. Now, you might get $5M to create that initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and not only prove the technology but also prove the business model (“finding market fit”). Great ideas no longer need a gatekeeper. Tech skills can be offloaded to cloud services. Open source software is freely available, and examples are published online. Innovation can get more immediate feedback (works, doesn’t work, market feedback), as well as iterate (or refocus) without the massive costs of completely re-tooling.  Experiment with new processes that are not currently in use by your IT organization.Try new HW or SW without making a significant commitment (e.g. GPUs, Global CDNs, etc.Use SaaS applications to see if you can retire an aging backend system, or new ways to engage with customers.SUBSCRIBE: Please subscribe anywhere you get podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Pandora, etc.).CLOUD NEWS OF THE WEEK - http://bit.ly/cloudcast-cnotwLEARNING CLOUD COMPUTING:Here are some great places to begin your cloud journey, if you're interested in getting hands-on experience with the technology, or you'd like to build your skills towards a certification. CBT Nuggets - Training and CertificationsA Cloud Guru - Training and CertificationsCloud Academy - Training and CertificationsKatakoda - Self-Paced, Interactive LearningGitHub - Code Samples and CollaborationFEEDBACK?Web: Cloudcast Basics Email: show at cloudcastbasics dot netTwitter: @cloudcastbasics
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