43 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Did You Know You Have a SaaS Problem?

While most companies have significantly increased their investments in SaaS, they have not updated their security controls and processes to ward off threats posed by this medium. Leaving SaaS security to Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) is not sufficient. The security controls need to be placed around the data, APIs, and applications that are running inside a cloud environment, not outside its perimeter. This is the kind of security that AppOmni provides and today we have its CEO, Brendan O'Connor on the show to dive deeper into the subject of SaaS security. We begin with Brendan’s journey into IT and security and hear a bit more about what makes him tick. From there, we dive into the subject of security in the cloud as it pertains to SaaS specifically. Brendan does a great job of explaining why SaaS platforms are subject to so many misconfigurations and why these are not being recognized by security teams. He gets into how the cloud infrastructure is set up and uses a few brilliant analogies to describe how an attacker might get into a SaaS platform without security ever realizing. He talks about some basic security measures companies need to take and shares more about how solutions like AppOmni can automate security. For insight into the vulnerabilities of SaaS and how to guard against them, tune in today!Key Areas From This Episode:Curiosity and a love for solving problems is Brendan’s method for keeping his edge.Brendan’s recommendations for security guardrails that always need to be in place.Hear Brendan’s argument about the need for automated SaaS security.Brendan’s recommendations for setting up and measuring SaaS security.Advice from Brendan about how security teams need to adapt in light of Solar Winds.Tweetables:“Companies have significantly expanded their SaaS investment and footprint and the SaaS applications themselves have really grown in complexity. Most companies haven't updated their security controls to support SaaS, or invested in new technology to manage this problem. That's where AppOmni comes in.” — @AppOmniSecurity [0:01:54]“I love solving puzzles. Enterprise security at scale is a hard problem. It's a puzzle. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution.” — @AppOmniSecurity [0:05:29]“SaaS applications are becoming closer to operating systems in the cloud than a single simple web app. You can't watch what every individual is doing. You have got to put guardrails in place.” — @AppOmniSecurity [0:20:30]“SaaS is a fundamentally different architecture than hosting things on-premise. You need to rethink, what is the value that you get from your security tools? How can you get that value today in an automated fashion in these new systems that support that new architecture?” — @AppOmniSecurity [0:24:44]Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Matt Chiodi on LinkedInMatt Chiodi on TwitterBrendan O’Connor on LinkedInAppOmniPrisma CloudComprehensive, full-stack cloud security Prisma Cloud is the industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform for IaaS/PaaS.
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