61 minutes | Jun 3, 2020

Podcast Ep041: Sewing Phases

The podcast begins with our statement against anti-black racism. We talk about how the sewing community has a racism problem, and we offer our podcast as a platform for black sewists if they wish to talk about these issues and others. If you are interested in this, drop us a line at our website at clothesmakingmavens.com. We then go into the episode we had recorded previously in which Lori and Helena, along with Joy Correspondent Hila and "Font of All Sewing Knowledge" Barbara, discuss the various sewing phases we've been through. The fit-and-flare dress phase? Check. The sew someone's entire bridal party dresses phase? Mercifully short lived, but check. The phase of Magical Thinking (aka forgetting that it takes WORK to transform that pattern you just bought into an actual garment)? Check. The sewing beautiful gowns for fancy parties we never get invited to phase? Also, check!
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