77 minutes | Aug 23rd 2016

#2 The Death of Grass / No Blade of Grass

The plight of increasingly desperate survivors in the wake of global famine and resultant societal breakdown provides the focus for discussion in episode 2 of Closer to Midnight, as a small band of English men and women risk robbery, rape and murder in an attempt to reach a fortified potato farm. Along with John Christopher’s novel The Death of Grass we take a good look at Cornel Wilde’s 1970 cinematic adaptation No Blade of Grass. After ploughing through topics such as geosocial ignorance, patriarchy, class, ecology, overpopulation, pollution and social admonishment, we are delighted to include an interview with Anthony May – star of No Blade of Grass – who takes us behind the scenes of Cornel Wilde’s visceral classic.  
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