102 minutes | Jun 28, 2020

Ghosting and Blocking and Curving Oh My!

It’s one of the most detrimental behavior patterns of our generation. Here’s everything you need to know to recognize it, avoid it and if you are afflicted with this disease, how to cure it. CHAPTERS:0:00 What is ghosting?2:25 Why do people ghost? 6:25 When does emotional involvement begin?10:17 Preliminaries and disclaimers13:15 Having to make backup plans 14:41 Taking our own insecurities out on others15:16 The most important sentence when it comes to dating16:45 Runaway brides19:58 Understanding the devastating effects of ghosting 24:15 Why ghosting makes you someone who can’t be trusted25:05 Why you being uncomfortable is not as important as you think 26:35 Examples of being uncomfortable30:50 Do you ghost when your finances are involved 34:35 More emotional effects of ghosting41:46 Stop pretending you don’t want hurt the other person 43:34 Curving46:01 Blocking 48:05 The one key you need to understand boundaries 50:15 Ghosting causes hostility 56:02 Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)57:55 Why you NEED to care about what others think about you1:00:35 One guiding principle 1:01:54 When you do need to set a boundary. Story time1:05:50 Why you need understanding when someone ghosts1:09:19 Another story about someone who gave different reasons for breaking it off1:14:16 The perils of changing your mind 1:21:22 Secrets to being rejected 1:24:25 An exceptional example of asking for understanding 1:26:20 A woman’s sensitivity to tone and intensity 1:27:24 More on healthy boundaries 1:28:51 Do the other persons feelings really matter? 1:32:52 Why if your’e involved with someone, it’s your obligation to be a custodian of their emotions1:35:15 Why it’s risky to ask for understanding if you are being rejected1:38:24 We MUST learn how to reject and be rejected responsibly 1:39:40 Tying it all together Are you ready to come closer? Closeness Coaching for sex, intimacy, relationships and quality of life:  www.getcloseness.com/coaching   Subscribe to Closeness on YouTube:  www.youtube.com/closeness?sub_confirmation=1   Please consider donating to our Patreon:  www.patreon.com/closeness  
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