19 minutes | Nov 22, 2017

07: Where’d My Confidence Go?

Climbing the Pillars of Power is all about empowering women in their work and in their lives. It is about finding the places where you lack power or are not as powerful as you would like and discussing the why’s and what to do about it. In this podcast we discuss the primary thing that undermines your success- in life, in business, in relationships, in your money: a lack of Confidence. It may not be obvious that why you often don’t have what you want is due to confidence or a lack of it. However, in all my years of coaching thousands of women, when we really get into what is at the source or origin of a lack of power or freedom, what we discover is that there is a lack of confidence. You may be confident and highly successful in one area of your life and not in another area. For example, you may be a superstar in your career, but your relationships are not great. Or you have great relationships, but you struggle in your business or in your career. Whatever the case is for you, delving into what happened and doing the exercises will help you in the areas of life that are not magical. I am sharing stories and the premise from my book, titled, Where’d My Confidence Go…and how do I get it back?  This book is available on Amazon and Kindle and includes a free workbook. In this podcast I will invite you into the world and the first chapters of the book and discuss how doing work for yourself on your confidence will make a difference in your success and your enjoyment of life as well as your career.
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