18 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

7: Frontline Defender's Regional Protection Coordinator, Mariam Sawadogo

Hello wonderful people! Welcome back to this month's episode of Climate Queens. We are so delighted to share this conversation we had with Mariam Sawadogo, Frontline Defenders Regional Protection Coordinator for West and Central Africa. If you tuned into Joseph Rahall's episode you will remember Mariam introducing Joseph. We had an initial chat with Mariam prior to her introduction of Joseph and we were so blown away we decided that it needed its own episode! So here it is!  The work Mariam does is endless so it was an absolute honor to have time to speak with her about her role. Mariam delves into why we need active participation of women in environmental decision making and tells us what she thinks is the biggest challenge facing Sierra Leone over the next decade to 2030. It was a pleasure and joy to speak with Mariam, we hope you enjoy it!  P.S. If you are enjoying our podcast please rate, review and subscribe. Three simple steps that will frankly make our day :) Thank you!  All our love, Katie & Clo x  SHOWNOTES:  Follow the wonderful Mariam on Twitter @MariamS06: https://twitter.com/mariams06?lang=en Building Capacities to Protect Women's Land Rights in Sierra Leone: http://www.fao.org/3/ca4786en/ca4786en.pdf Protecting Women's Land Rights in Sierra Leone: http://www.osiwa.org/newsroom/from-the-field/protecting-womens-land-rights-in-sierra-leones-draft-national-land-policy-by-sonkita-conteh-director-namati/#:~:text=This%20is%20the%20reality%20for,is%20governed%20by%20customary%20law.&text=The%20draft%20National%20Land%20Policy,land%20rights%20under%20customary%20law.
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