35 minutes | Jul 11, 2022

How can you save money while decarbonizing your building?

Heating, cooling and electrifying buildings produces nearly one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, but by employing existing energy efficient technologies and switching to renewables, we could cut 87% of building-related emissions by 2050. So, how do we get there?

Climate Now speaks with two companies working to eliminate the barriers to decarbonizing buildings. Andy Frank, founder of Sealed, explains how Sealed makes it easier for homeowners to implement energy efficiency improvements by reducing upfront costs and managing the improvement project. Jeff Hendler and Zohra Roy of Logical Buildings share how their company empowers real estate managers and building owners with the data they need to optimize their energy usage.

00:00 Andy Frank, Sealed
15:58 Jeff Hendler and Zohra Roy, Logical Buildings

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