29 minutes | Nov 23, 2020

Lena Young on influencer marketing, authenticity and D&I

Lena Young is the Director of Communications at Klear, a leading influencer marketing platform. They help brands build, scale and measure influencer programs.

With a database of over Millions of influencer profiles across the leading social profiles including Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

Klear offer the ability to search influencers in any niche category, in any language, and any country or city across the globe, and provide detailed information about their social footprint and the demographics of their followers.

Lena is currently living and working in Tele Viv. She’s also held roles at Investing.com and Similar web.

We discuss:

  1. The brands getting influencer marketing right
  2. Authenticity and influencer marketing 
  3. Diversity and representation of influencers 


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