51 minutes | Mar 24th 2020

Francois Martin discusses reducing environmental damage in the packaging industry

After 30+ years working across selected industries, promoting new and transformational products and solutions, Francois Martin's current focus is on communicating industrial innovations that enable BOBST to do new things such as increasing packaging production agility and reducing waste generation, with a big focus on all things ‘sustainability’ and ‘responsibility’.

He is currently accelerating the digital transformation the packaging industry and evaluating how BOBST, Brands and Converters can take advantage of them economically in a sustainable way.

We discussed:

  1. Their response to Covid 19
  2. Digital transformation in the packaging industry 
  3. How BOBST is helping us improve sustainability in the global packaging industry
  4. How they choose and appoint agencies 
  5. Giving feedback to agencies 
  6. What clients need to know about their agencies to get the best work from them