61 minutes | May 22, 2020

Is Summer Cancelled? Lesson 33

With COVID-19 looming in the forefront, you may be wondering exactly what this summer is going to look like for your family. No doubt, it will be different, but Elle and Miriam have a few ideas that can help you make the most out of what is sure to be one of the strangest summers in history. The main point we are making in this episode is the IMPORTANCE of PLANNING. There’s just no other way to tackle the pandemic. INTRO (00:00) Today’s African Proverb: Where water is the boss there the land must obey. The Word of the Episode: Majira means seasons in kiSwahili. Cleverly Cultured Kids (02:48) Ask your kids what they want to do for the summer and create a plan with them. Grown Folks Discuss Navigating the Summer During a Pandemic (00:00) The importance of planning and continuing schooling if your family has lost a little focus due to the stress of the pandemic. Have you ever considered project based learning? It’s a concept that allows you to hit on multiple subjects within the same activity. Ways we can keep our children safe and use our village, even during these estrange times. Asking for help isn’t always easy, but sometimes we’ve just got to do it. Miriam’s interdisciplinary gardening project with her family. She even shares a few tips for your victory garden. Summer Camp ideas you can implement with your children if your camp of choice is not in business this summer. Planning is definitely the key to making the most out of your summer plans and activities for your family. Have you looked into virtual camps? There have been plenty of organizations and businesses that have rallied to offer learning experiences, entertainment and positive interactions overall through the Internet. There are so many free or temporarily free/heavily discounted services that you can leverage to stay busy this summer. Talk to your kids! See what they want to do and what they are interested in tackling this summer. If you have a budding inventor, it’s time to innovate. If you have a musician, dive deeper into the theory or musical styles–see if a favorite artist is offering something online. Get creative and prepare yourself to have to be more hands on. Are you gearing up for a full blown summer vacation? Or is a staycation better for the situation? Check out this cool science experiment that demonstrates the need for hand washing. Best of all, there’s no big mess to clean up. Just throw away your baggies and be sure to document your findings. Elle’s excellent idea for making your summer great. Parenting and educating is a two way street, and it’s always going to take the scenic route. We Need You To Share This Podcast and Support Us Also, please tell your friends about our podcast. While we love having a conversation with each other, the podcast will only be able to exist if more people are listening. If you know some who has children, our tips and tricks are beneficial to parents who homeschool and those who are interested in supplementing the education of their children. Furthermore, wherever you are listening to this podcast, please leave us a review. In addition, to keep the podcast going consider becoming a monthly supporter through our Patreon page visit our secure page: Patreon.com/CleverlyChanging. Listen to and Share Past Episodes Talk to your kids! See what they want to do and what they are interested in tackling this summer. If you have a budding inventor, it’s time to innovate. The post Is Summer Cancelled? Lesson 33 appeared first on Cleverly Changing.
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