38 minutes | Jul 21, 2020

Ep. 73: Fashion Funds the Fight with The Cancer Cartel

The Cancer Cartel knows that fighting cancer isn’t just emotionally and physically depleting, it is financially depleting as well. They believe that the person fighting cancer should be able to focus 100% on getting well, and not worrying about how much money cancer is going to cost them and their families. Because treatment is expensive, and so many of us are underinsured or just in a place where the financial strain of cancer simply makes the road to recovery that much harder. They understand, because we have all experienced this fight firsthand, which is why they are committed to doing all they can to alleviate this problem for as many people as they can. Their mission statement is “Fashion Funds the Fight.” They are a non-profit, fundraising platform that awards financial gifts to assist recipients in paying any costs of living that they are unable to pay during their fight. From gas money to groceries, mortgage payments to monthly bills – They are cleaning up the cost of cancer!
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