78 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

CTS 261: Troubleshoot Common Wi-Fi Issue with Mist

In this episode, we are trying to assess how easy it is to troubleshoot common Wi-Fi problems using the Mist solution. We want to give you an idea of what it would look like to perform troubleshooting from our point of view. We outline what we like and what we would want to see improved. SPONSOR This episode is sponsored by SemFio Networks, a Juniper Mist partner, founded by your co-host François Vergès. We specialize in building reliable Wi-Fi. SemFio Networks is a trusted Juniper Mist partner in Canada. One of the reasons we partnered with Mist is because we believe in the new technologies they are using, especially those that allow automation. We try to integrate automation in every project we work on today and we see significant gain in time and efficiency for our customers. Leveraging the Mist API, we have developed tools that help us to deliver easy to manage solutions and we make sure that the customer feels comfortable taking over when we are done. Feel free to book a session with me to talk about your Wi-Fi needs. I would be really excited to be working with you. It’s time to rely on your Wi-Fi to get things done. Book a session with François Here are the problems we had generated: PSK issue: user entering the wrong password when connecting to a WPA2-Personal Wi-Fi network802.1X issue: RADIUS server not reachable802.1X issue: user entering wrong password when connecting to a PEAP[Ms-CHAPv2] Wi-Fi network Enjoy the recording and let us know which Mist tool you like using while performing troubleshooting The post CTS 261: Troubleshoot Common Wi-Fi Issue with Mist appeared first on Clear To Send.
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