45 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

CTS 259: Optimizing for Client Devices

Are we relying too much on proprietary tech to optimize Wi-Fi for client devices? Recently, Rowell had to optimize a wireless network which became this episode. What do we think about features like client load balancing? Can it work efficiently and how do client devices react to it? Is there a better way to load balancing clients across access points? Ultimately, the client device decides where it wants to join, right? Maybe 802.11k/v can help with transitioning client devices more smoothly. We would think so but sometimes client devices don’t leverage 802.11k/v properly. Do you turn on all DFS channels? If a client device supports the channel, why not? But what about which AP is operating on which channel within DFS. That’s going to be important when designing a network that relies on roaming. Then there’s the discussion of matching transmit power levels from the APs with your client devices. How do you know which transmit power to set it to when you have many different types of clients? These are the topics we talk about in this episode. Let us know what your optimization tips are in the comments below. The post CTS 259: Optimizing for Client Devices appeared first on Clear To Send.
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