75 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

CTS 252: Our Wi-Fi Design Walkthrough

We’re providing a view of how we use Ekahau Pro to perform predictive modeling of an office floor plan. In a future episode, we will do a walkthrough of a warehouse predictive model. François and I perform Wi-Fi design differently. This episode we talk about our differences, the goals we’re trying to achieve, and an explanation of why and how we do what we do. The purpose of this episode is to show you an example. We hope that it provides guidance for you if you have any questions about Wi-Fi design. We’re open to any questions, comments, and feedback. We encourage sharing your perspective and tips for others to learn from. The Wi-Fi design example uses a real office plan provided by a client. We use coverage and capacity requirements that will develop the rest of our Wi-Fi design. Some of the things we cover in our Wi-Fi design: Access point selectionModifying access pointsConsiderations of wall materialsScaleChannel and Transmit Power planningRequirementsAnd more The post CTS 252: Our Wi-Fi Design Walkthrough appeared first on Clear To Send.
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