40 minutes | Dec 21, 2020

CTS 249: RF Behaviours

In this episode, we talk about the different behaviours that an RF signal can have while travelling through different environments. This will help you better understand what happens to Wi-Fi signals as they travel away from their transmitters. This is a very nice episode if you are studying for your CWNA or if you are just starting in Wi-Fi. Interested in our upcoming course, in-development, Ignite CWNA? Join our interest list at www.cwnatraining.com Enjoy 🙂 RF Behaviours Here are the different RF behaviours we cover in this episode: PropagationReflectionRefractionDiffractionScatteringAbsorptionAmplification (Gain)Attenuation Study Reference If you are studying for your CWNA, you will be able to read more about it in the 3rd chapter of the CWNA study Guide (5th edition) on pages 80 to 94. Links & Resources Here are a few useful links and resources we mentioned in the episode: Make Wi-Fi visible: https://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-season-1-recapMake Wi-Fi visible – Propagation: http://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-1-radio-frequency-propagationMake Wi-Fi visible – Reflection: http://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-2-radio-frequency-reflectionMake Wi-Fi visible – Refraction: http://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-3-radio-frequency-refractionMake Wi-Fi visible – Diffraction: http://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-4-radio-frequency-diffractionMake Wi-Fi visible – Scattering: http://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-5-radio-frequency-scatteringMake Wi-Fi visible – Absorption: http://www.semfionetworks.com/blog/make-wi-fi-visible-6-radio-frequency-absorption The post CTS 249: RF Behaviours appeared first on Clear To Send.
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