39 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

Ep 46: Rabbi Yossi Mintz on Bringing More Light into the World

News is made and distributed faster than ever. Often, unfortunately, the news cycle is also more negative than ever. In the midst of this, how can we choose to focus on the positive and bring more light into the world? My guest today, Rabbi Yossi Mintz, has been able to do it and has advice for how we can do it as well. Rabbi Yossi is a renowned communal leader and spiritual guide. In 1995, he established the Jewish Community Center of the South Bay that has reached the entire landscape of diverse cultures providing everything from counseling and financial help for people in need to teaching leadership and volunteerism for those who are more fortunate. A unique place in his heart has always belonged to children with special needs which led him to establish the Friendship Foundation, an organization that provides for over 1,800 children with special needs and their families while involving the entire community. Join us in today’s episode to learn more about his journey and why he believes that every human being has their own special needs. Memorable Quotes: "I was instilled at a very young age the impact that each one of us has, a responsibility that we're not just here for ourselves. There is a purpose for each one of us in this world. And how we can impact this world and make it a better place, and the years we live on this earth, that we do not know, but every day we must not take it for granted." "You can make a difference in the life of somebody else. You are fortunate to have all your abilities, be grateful and make those choices to inspire someone else’s life to make it better." "When they know that we’re proud, that we know how to answer and we are not afraid of them, they melt away. Because their base is false." "Let’s make this world a better place, bring light to the world. Remember one thing - a little light, which is joy and universal acceptance, takes away so much darkness and this world is so dark today." In this episode, you will hear: -What inspired Rabbi Yossi in his choice to become a Rabbi -Activities for youth and children provided at the Jewish Community Center of the South Bay by Rabbi Yossi and his team -What can we do better in regards to antisemitism, immigration and Black Lives Matter Movement? Resources and links mentioned during this episode: For more info visit Jewish Community Center https://www.jccmb.com/ For more info visit The Friendship Foundation https://www.friendshipfoundation.com/ Are you ready to start a podcast? Use Libsyn, the podcast hosting, distribution, and monetization platform since 2004 and you can start for just $5 a month. Go to https://libsyn.com/ and enter the code “choices” for more than a month for FREE. Coaching Information: If you would like more information on the Clear Choices business and life coaching program, please e-mail me at rob@robaigner.com or go to our website at https://clearchoices.live/. Thank you so much for listening! Please subscribe to the show, leave a review, and share it with a friend. Find me on Instagram @clearchoicespodcast and on Facebook . If you have a guest idea or want to connect with me, please visit my website www.clearchoices.live. I am also available for speaking engagements. **This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click one and decide to make a purchase, we receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you. We only share products and services we have tested and used ourselves!**
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