61 minutes | Aug 5, 2020

Ep3: Antony Slumbers 'Real Estate in the Crosshairs'

Why human skills matter in an intensely more technological world? Are we going to return to our offices when the pandemic is over, or is remote work the new normal? Will office space become a service? In Episode 3 of Cleaning Up Antony Slumbers, software technology strategist, commercial real estate expert and an art historian answers all of these questions.

Antony has 25 years of experience as a software technology strategist and commercial real estate expert, real expert on PropTech, and #SpaceAsAService.

• 1995 Founded Estates Today (1995)
• 1999 Cityoffices.net, sold 2019
• 2000: Businessparks.net (sold)
• 2001: Co-founded Vicinitee, grew to serve 400+ Properties, 7,000 Occupiers, 15,000 + FM Users, 720,000+ System Users (2017 sold 50% to British Land)
• 2007: founded Glasnost21 - Software as a Service suite of productivity tools including Contacts, Project & Image Management and Pipeline, a business development tracking tool ( Exited 2019)
• Founded PropAI - in partnership with OFTNAI (Oxford Foundation for Theoretical Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence)
• March 2020 - Founded the Real Innovation Academy - an online platform teaching technology to real estate professionals, and vice versa
Writer and journalist:
• Since 2014 written a monthly column on Technology & Property in the Estates Gazette.
• 2017: No 1 Non-US CRE Blog & Person to follow on Twitter - Duke Long's annual Top 100 Lists.
• January 2020 - launched The Antony Slumbers Podcast

Antony and Michael first met on Twitter, and found they were doing a lot of the same things in terms of speaking and advising big companies, so they met up at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, where Antony hangs out when he’s in London. Because before all this, Antony studied art history and was a 19th Century UK & European Art Dealer.

In our conversation we cover the future of work and discuss the seeming paradox that in intensely more technological world, the value is going to go to humans with very advanced human skills, not necessarily technological skills. 

Antony elaborates on the concept of space as a service, forecasts how the post-Covid office space will look like and presents his concept of reviving high streets while reducing transport emissions. We touched upon a number of other issues as well (no discussion on fussball techniques though).

Antony's bio:


Space as a Service: The Trillion Dollar Hashtag


Retail Real Estate after the Apocalypse


Work, The Workplace and Covid-19



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