65 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Ep22: Robin Chase ‘Mobility, Cities and Social Entrepreneurship’

What is the future of urban transportation in the world’s cities? Will autonomous cars revolutionize our lives? Meet the woman behind the world’s largest car sharing company, Robin Chase, the transport entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Zipcar, Veniam and now, co-founder of NUMO. She is also a public speaker, author and entrepreneur seeking to change the landscape of mobility on a global level.  










Robin Chase is a transport entrepreneur. She has co-founded Zipcar, Veniam and NUMO. She is also the author of the book ‘Peers Inc: How People and Platforms are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism’ about how technology has paved the way for a new collaborative economy in which companies are able to help solve large scale social problems. Her current occupation is working with cities to maximize the benefits mass rollout of self-driving cars and low-cost electric bikes can bring.




She sits on the Boards of the World Resources Institute and Tucows, and serves on the Dutch multinational DSM’s Sustainability Advisory Board. In the past, she has served on the boards of Veniam and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the French National Digital Agency, the National Advisory Council for Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the US Department of Commerce, the Intelligent Transportations Systems Program Advisory Committee for the US Department of Transportation, the OECD’s International Transport Forum Advisory Board, the Massachusetts Governor’s Transportation Transition Working Group, and Boston Mayor’s Wireless Task Force.




Robin lectures widely, has been frequently featured in the major media, and has received many awards in the areas of innovation, design, and environment, including Time 100 Most Influential People, Fast Company Fast 50 Innovators, and BusinessWeek Top 10 Designers. Robin graduated from Wellesley College and MIT's Sloan School of Management, was a Harvard University Loeb Fellow, and received an honorary Doctorate of Design from the Illinois Institute of Technology.


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