32 minutes | May 10, 2021

Ultra clean mascara that's seriously smudgeproof with Christie Kerner

Can mascara change the world? Christie Kerner, CEO of My Little Mascara Club sure thinks so. You see, at My Little Mascara Club, they're doing more than delivering luscious lash formula to mascara lovers everywhere... They're also building a community where women can connect and share their wisdom to help lift each other. A shorter wand makes it SO much easier to apply MASCARA. Your hand is closer to your eye [better coordination, more steadiness], You can get better angles [for beautiful, fanned lashes on the edges]. A smaller mascara is healthier (bye bye bacteria), hello fresh eyes. FDA says toss it out regularly, big ones just last too long. The smaller size also means the tube doesn't dry out and get all clumpy before it's empty. No more throwing away half empty mascaras and NO MORE CLUMPS. learn more at: mylittlemascaraclub.com
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