22 minutes | Aug 23rd 2018

I love Frank - AMA

Jasmin and Maison had some great questions. I heart Frank. BIG questions about turnover. I hope I answered it satisfactorily as it is a big question. I am open to your input as I have a different perspective on things, but it's not my perspective that really matters if things are broken. This would make a great discussion if anyone is open to giving me their feedback on things. I haven't looked for jobs lately and when I do, I'm looking at it from my weird bias/perspective so what you see/notice is very helpful to me. Other questions such as healthcare are also big. I should probably think about this more and take notes and organize thoughts before jumping into things. I can readdress this one after I've done some thinking. Business philosophies... really good one. I will definitely come back to this one. This "episode" was really thrown together and not pretty at all. Sorry. So ugly I had to record an amendment to it. I have no idea how to use Audacity.
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