58 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

1. Balancing Act

In this first episode of City Surveillance Watch, reporter Kate Kaye explores the inherent dichotomy of data-hungry technologies that - while promising to make cities safer and more efficient - can also be considered forms of surveillance tech. Listeners will hear from city staff and law enforcement representatives, civil liberties advocates and activists, tech providers and policy makers, about how cities are thinking about these technologies. They’ll consider risks and unintended consequences of data-centric tech, and probe the grey areas that lie between a so-called smart city and one that’s overly-surveilled. Featured in this episode: Ginger Armbruster, chief privacy officer of the city of Seattle; Robert Berman, president and CEO of Rekor Systems; Tyler Chandler, captain, Mt. Juliet, TN Police Department; Brian Hofer, chairman Oakland Privacy Commission and executive director of Secure Justice; Wendy Hood, parking enforcement officer, Eugene, OR; Dierdre Mulligan, professor at the School of Information at UC Berkeley; Ursula Price, former director of New Orleans Independent Police Monitor; Jameson Spivack, policy associate at Georgetown Law; Lee Tien, legislative director at the Electronic Frontier FoundationFor more from Smart Cities Dive, sign up for our newsletter at www.smartcitiesdive.com/signup, and follow us on Twitter at @smartcitiesdive.
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