37 minutes | Mar 19th 2021

CCL Training: Working with Environmental Justice Communities

Environmental Justice means focusing attention on the concerns of community members who are suffering because local pollution exceeds the norms in other communities that may be whiter or wealthier. When CCLers want to build relationships with EJ organizers, it's critical to understand past and present injustices, move at the speed of trust, and bring humility and respect to the conversation. Join Climate & Environmental Justice Action Team Leaders Debbie Chang and Lisa Danz for a session that gives background on the Environmental Justice movement and provide strategies for building relationships. Skip ahead to the following section(s): (0:00) Introduction & Agenda (3:59) Environmental Racism (5:56) Jemez Principles (13:45) Making the Connection Outreach Deck (26:32) Local Chapter Example: CCL NY Rochester (34:07) Next Steps & Actions CCL Community Training Page: https://community.citizensclimate.org/resources/item/19/153  Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/working-with-ej-communities  Making the Connection: https://cclej.cclsve.org/making-the-connection-slide-deck 
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