30 minutes | Apr 2nd 2021

CCL Training: Outreach With Agricultural Communities

Outreach to the agriculture community can help cultivate allies and build support of the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act among farmers with farms of all sizes, agribusiness and consumers. Tune in to this webinar to learn what leaders of CCL's Agriculture Action Team are up to and their recommendations in your own connection-building with your local agricultural community including helping to understand the Growing Climate Solutions Act. Skip ahead to the following section(s): (0:00) Overview & Agenda (2:16) Agriculture & Climate Change (5:58) Reaching out to Farmers (13:26) Growing Climate Solutions Act (22:34) The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/agriculture-outreach  CCL Training Page: https://community.citizensclimate.org/resources/item/19/151  CCL' s Agriculture Action Team: https://community.citizensclimate.org/groups/home/968  BCL Agriculture Sector Team: https://www.businessclimateleaders.org/agriculture-sector 
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