25 minutes | Feb 12th 2021

CCL Training: Engaging Your Chamber of Commerce Training

Given the recent major policy shift by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in support of market-based approaches to accelerate greenhouse gas emissions reductions that may include a carbon tax, Kyle Kammien CCL Senior Business Relations Representative and Greg Hamra CCL Miami Group Leader, and LEED for All Creator provide a training to help you prepare for your own chamber outreach.  Join to learn how to leverage these connections (including a local Chamber of Commerce Press Release Template (English/Spanish .docx) with your own member of Congress and community. 

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  • (0:00) Intro & Agenda
  • (2:38) Background & What Are Chambers?
  • (4:06) The Chamber's Updated Position on Climate Change
  • (9:04) How Do I Engage My Chapter?
  • (13:18) What Should I Ask My Chamber?
  • (16:48) Press Release & Messaging Recommendations
  • (20:00) Additional Support Resources

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