66 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

How to go even more local after COVID-19 w/ Neal Gorenflo, Stacy Mitchell and Jose Ramos

Cities@Tufts Lectures explores the impact of urban planning on our communities and the opportunities to design for greater equity and justice with professor Julian Agyeman and host Tom Llewellyn. While you may want to stretch your legs so to speak after months of lockdown, keeping some new, pandemic-inspired aspects of local life and even deepening them collectively will be needed to combat systemic challenges like climate change and extreme wealth inequality. Today, we’re bringing you a special bonus episode with the audio from an event Shareable hosted last week, How to go even more local after COVID-19. Shareable’s Neal Gorenflo kicks things off by briefly sharing his lessons learned from a just-concluded, year-long life experiment in local living before launching into a discussion with Stacy Mitchell, Executive Director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) and futurist Jose Ramos, Director of Action Foresight. The event launched Shareable’s new e-book “A Year of Living Locally” based on Gorenflo’s year-long experiment with a foreword by Stacy Mitchell. You can download the ebook here.  Cities@Tufts Lectures is produced by Tufts University and Shareable.net with support from The Kresge Foundation. (Most) Lectures are moderated by Professor Julian Agyeman and organized in partnership with research assistants Meghan Tenhoff, and Perri Sheinbaum. “Light Without Dark” by Cultivate Beats is our theme song. Robert Raymond is our audio editor, Elizabeth Carr manages communications and editorial with support from Neal Gorenflo. Joslyn Beile handles operations, and the series is produced and hosted by Tom Llewellyn.
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