54 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

From green privilege to green gentrification

Today, we are beyond delighted to welcome Isabelle Anguelovski to be our first speaker of this series. She's the founder and director of the Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability (www.BCNUEJ.org). Isabelle has links to the Boston area. She did her Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Planning at MIT before returning to Europe in 2011 with a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship. She's a prolific author, and her current research is on four main areas, the politics of the green city as a growing global planning orthodoxy, the social and racial manifestations and impacts of green gentrification for historically marginalized residents, urban planning, and health and wellbeing with a focus on health equity and justice, and justice and inclusivity in climate adaptation planning, including distributional and procedural insecurities produced by adaptation plans, interventions, and land-use configurations and regulations. Her talk today is "From green privilege to green gentrification: environmental justice versus white supremacy in the 21st-century American city." What could be more appetizing than that? Cities@Tufts: Shareable.net is partnering with Tufts University, The Kresge Foundation, and professor Julian Agyeman and his team on this 8-episode series highlighting some of the cutting-edge thinkers and doers pushing the envelope for more just and sustainable cities. 
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