55 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

47 - CATS, Hubie Halloween & Surviving Christmas

It's a holiday extravaganza! First we take on Adam Sandler's latest disaster, 'Hubie Halloween'. Then we move into the Christmas spirit with 'Surviving Christmas' with an unhinged Ben Afflek and a confused Catherine O'Hara wondering how she got casted in this. And finally the crew wraps it all up with the 2019 holiday spectacular CATS! Release the butthole cut! Nick doesn't use a coaster for his beer in the nice new studio and Dylan and Holly gush about Queen's Gambit. This is our first episode recorded in person together at Speak Studios in Spokane. We are thrilled to promote them at the beginning of this episode for letting us use their equipment AND for editing this episode. We are looking forward to this great partnership and to support their mission!
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