53 minutes | Jun 22, 2018

CinemaBall 08: Hard Target (1993)

This week on Cinemaball, Carolyn scores a field goal with the John Woo-directed Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick, Hard Target! It’s got JCVD as a New Orleans drifter named Chance Boudreaux, Lance Henriksen in a scenery-chewing performance as Emil Fouchon, a man who makes his fortune by letting rich people hunt poor people, and Wilford Brimley as Chance’s Uncle Douvee. (It’s also got a scene in which Van Damme punches a snake.) It may not be a good film, but it is a fun one, and Ebony and Carolyn savor the film’s Louisiana setting, its seeming concern with the economic struggles of New Orleans and its people, and the glorious Woo-ness of it all. View the basic rules of Cinemaball and a history of all episodes and ratings at goo.gl/ePDPuQ
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