61 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Where’s the Line

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk everything from Qanon to Joe Biden’s plan for gun control.  Today’s show rundown:  · Chuck and Mark discuss what Qanon is and how they came about  · Their thoughts on what Qanon really is   · The dangers of not allowing people to believe in conspiracy theories and what it can lead to  · Why the left does not want you to have the freedom to believe what you want to believe  · What Joe Biden’s gun laws would mean for our country  · How the Democrats are having to deal with the fallout of their Coronavirus lockdowns  · The hypocrisy that we are seeing when it comes to Coronavirus testing and vaccination  · Why the Democrats are continuing with the unconstitutional impeachment of President Trump     Give H2Max a try and let us know what you think: buyh2max.com  Help us bring you the best content possible. Due to the left’s boycotts of those who advertise with Conservatives, we have had a number of advertisers backout to avoid possible backlash. Support the show and gain access to even more content at https://www.patreon.com/bftpodcast  Don’t forget to leave us a voicemail for the chance to have it played on a future episode. You can do so by clicking the link. https://bluntforcetruth.com/voicemail/  https://store.bluntforcetruth.com/ 
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