66 minutes | Mar 4th 2021

The Progressive Fantasy Land

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk about the state of the Country Today  Today’s show rundown:  · Mark and Chuck talk about LA / Alfonso (not byname) – where did the flu go? Can’t count Flu deaths unless they are counted as COVID deaths  · COVID is never going away – 2 weeks to flattencurve – what happened there 2 reasons – 1 live in fear, only government can save us. 2 – Liberal Socialists ingovernment enjoying their new found dictatorial powers and don’t want to give them up.  · Mr /Mrs. Potato Head – gone away – Things are being turned on their head “are you FOR SANITY”  · Corporate America has turned into just a bunch of “Jello” – a mass of BETA Males everyplace – all you see is LGTBQ – all being promoted through Hollywood / Netflix etc  · New Walker Texas Ranger – how it has changed tohow he can do nothng right without his new Hispanic partner to bail him out  · Aunt Jemimah – she represents racism – stripped from the pancake syrup – Pearl Milling Company. Big Boy too masculine and body shames. Washington Football Team, Cleveland Indians changing names “Cleveland Burning Rivers”. Can’t be Spic n’ Span anymore…you have to just say SPAN.  · Cancel Culture really dangerous, we are being led down that treacherous path, and they will never be happy.  · Cuomo is ruined – he has become a national figure – flawed candidate.   · Democrats do not trust the people, Conservatives trust the people   · Under Armor has lost their Under-Minds – mandatory anti-white training “be ashamed of yourself for being white”.
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