65 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

The Perth Lockdown Lowdown

As we had predicted would eventually happen, Perth, our little self-isolated town at the bottom of the world has caught a curious case of the COVIDS, and we're coming to you from Day 1 of a 5-day lockdown. And there might be more... We discuss the situation. Also, the shorting of the GameStop shares and the battle between Wall St hedge fund players and Reddit consumer investors. Dom gives a thorough explanation of what shorting is and what has happened there. We discuss the leaking of Lionel's Messi contract leak saga, now that the world knows he's earned over half a billion Euros in the past 4 seasons. Which leads in to some other football chat. And then we laugh out loud while discussing the Operation Odessa documentary which Simon has finally watched after Mel's repeated recommendation. And then we talk about the pleasurable experience of bidets in China. No idea how that happened, but listen and find out. And we close with a fan favourite, an Alan Watts lecture about perspective. Give us a rating on Apple Podcasts or wherever they do podcast ratings, and Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChroniclesOnTheFly, on Instagram at www.instagram.com/chroniclesontheflypod, and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ChroniclesOTF
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